Different Applications Of MRI Scans

January 29, 2020 Off By Makayla Mutch

Fractures can cause excruciating pain at times. MRI scans are very commonly used in hospitals. They are often used to diagnose a disease. They can be used to study the extent of damage done by a fracture. The damage done by a fractured bone should be accurately accessed. This allows the physician to suggest a solution. Physicians often suggest patients with broken bones get an MRI scan done. An MRI scan can be scary at times. You need to be brave in order have an MRI scan done. MRI scan relies on radio waves in order to form an image of the scanned part. Radio waves travel through the skin of the body part being scanned. They create an image that gives an idea of what the body part is like on the inside. This image can be used by the physician to perform a diagnosis.

The surgeon studies the image formed as a result of the MRI scan and suggests solutions accordingly. The image tells the surgeon about the extent and severity of the damage. This is an important step in the diagnosis of the injury. An injury needs to be studied carefully before it can be treated. Solutions can only be suggested once the injury has been studied in detail. An MRI in Sunnybank scan allows medical professionals to study a patient’s injury in detail. MRI scans are very commonly used in the hospital. They are much more advanced and detailed than x-rays. The resolution of the image formed as a result of an MRI scan is much sharper than that formed using an x-ray. However, an MRI scan also costs a lot more than an x-ray. The price of an MRI scan is three to four times that of an x-ray. This is why so many public health hospitals have free x-rays.

For fractured bones:

The comparatively lower cost of x-rays means they are used much more commonly. X-rays are used a lot more frequently than MRI scans. The time and money needed to perform an x-ray is much smaller. An x-ray takes three to four minutes while an MRI scan can take up to twenty minutes. Most hospitals perform ten to fifteen x-rays a day. The same hospitals provide two to three MRI scans a day, on average. This reflects the relative price of both the procedures.

Performing x-rays:

X-rays are often performed to observe the brakeage of bones after an accident. An accident often results in bones breaking apart. A bone is said to be fractured if it has broken apart. Most fractured bones can be studied using an MRI scans. MRI scans have significantly improved in quality over the last decade or so. They now provide a higher resolution imaging at reduced prices to patients.