Dental Implants Can Give You Health And Confidence

December 1, 2015 Off By Makayla Mutch

Dental implants have transformed the dental world and made it so much convenient for the dentists and their patients. Millions suffer from tooth decay each year and need to get their tooth removed. Dentures and bridges have been the answer to tooth loss for years, but implants have changed the entire scenario. Dentists can place a replacement that matches the actual teeth and the entire procedure can be done in a few hours time. Recent technology has made it possible to get four dental implants in a day.

Why should you opt for the implantations? An implant is anchored in a place of the missing tooth without creating any effect on the nearby ones. This dental surgery is hugely beneficial to the patients for the following reasons: •    A dental implant does not feel like artificial tooth because it is fused into the jawbone and does not move.

•    Unlike traditional dentures, the fitting is perfect and the patient hardly has any difficulty in talking. There is no slur in speech and you don’t have to worry about the tooth coming out of your mouth while speaking.

•    With implants, chewing is extremely easy, so you can eat anything with perfect ease.

•    With all your teeth in place you get more confidence and feel good about yourself.

•    Implants can last for ages if proper care is taken.

Are these for everyone?If you have a healthy mouth and gums then you can opt for implant surgery. There should be enough bone in the gum also because the implant will be screwed to the gum and a cap will be placed on it later on. However, if you are a diabetic patient or a heavy smoker then you will have to undergo a thorough check up before the operation.

Is it painful?Before the dental surgery in Subiaco, all patients are given local anesthesia so that they don’t feel anything. However, after the procedure is over they can be a little sore. Painkillers are prescribed to offer maximum comfort to the patient. Many patients feel that the pain is less that during a tooth extraction.

Understanding the post-operative careSince implants are almost like real tooth they have to be taken care of like natural ones. Regular cleaning and flossing should be followed without any fail. Regular checkups at the dentists are also necessary to gauge the condition of the teeth and take proper care. Dental implants are usually covered under medical insurance so it is convenient for people to avail it. However, it is always better to check out the terms and conditions, prior to the operation. This will help you to avoid all the hazards during the insurance claim. For more info about dentist Nedlands, visit