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True Beauty Isn’t All About Ones Looks

May 4, 2016 Off

A lot of people nowadays tend to get carried away when they see good looking models and actresses/actors and they look up to them as role models and tries to mimic their every move. People have also standardised beauty and made it so ornamental. Cheek bones, sleek figure, glossy hair and contoured face is now…

By Makayla Mutch

Is Prevention Better Than Cure?

March 29, 2016 Off

For some…Hospitals are Scary Some people don’t like hospitals. No matter how awful their cold gets they would insist that a lot of bed rest, drinking of hot beverages and herbal teas will eventually solve that problem. Some women would like to give birth at home. But in truth, giving birth in a hospital would…

By Makayla Mutch

The Importance Of Good Oral Hygiene

March 2, 2016 Off

Ever since our first teeth begin to cut through our gums at the tender young age of about six months, we’ve been told of the importance of keeping our teeth clean. The foods we eat are the main cause for the onset of oral problems. For example, the excessive consumption of sugary sweets if not…

By Makayla Mutch